been there, done it, got the t-shirt

The James Busby tour is the most organised, comprehensive and educational immersion trip that any of us have ever been on. The experience has given us the knowledge, insight and the capacity to sell Australia wine to an unforeseen level 

Al Drinkle

Metrovino, Calgary

An amazing experience in so many levels, James Busby Travel opens so many doors that normally would be closed and at the same time shows you doors you didn’t even know existed. It is a chance to step into the cave of wonders of Australian wine. 

Emma Ziemann

Wolfgang Vinecafé, Gothenberg

James Busby Travel not only carried us across two states visiting 49 wineries but also showed us insights, initiatives and authenticity of iconic and artisan winemakers.  The trip ends but Australian wine memories will last forever. 

Delphin Duan

Metro China, Shanghai

It’s impossible to fathom a more comprehensive, in-depth and intensive trip than the Busby Australia tour. Tim does an amazing job of blending wine, culture and food by bringing together the best and brightest in the industry. This has been an amazing 14 days, I want to turn the bus around and do it all again!

Matty Leslie

Model Milk, Calgary

An amazing insight into the Australian wine industry’s diversity and personality. The Busby trip is by far the best trade wine trip one could hope for. I feel lucky to have been invited and walk away with a desire to spread the word on Australia to all wine lovers.

Julie Chéné Nyheim MW

Metrovino, Calgary

The James Busby tour is the most organised, comprehensive and educational immersion trip that any of us have ever been on. The experience has given us the knowledge, insight and the capacity to sell Australia wine to an unforeseen level 

Leah Kirkland

Trinity, London

By far the best wine trip I have ever been on! The people on the trip, the great Aussie producers we met and the in-depth insight. I doubt I will ever see this much information from a single trip. The one thing that really excites me is seeing the progression Australia is moving towards.

Oliver Zhou

Vinehoo, Shanghai

This trip has changed my entire spectrum and opened up my eyes to the exciting things that the regions have to offer. Amazing people, amazing wines, amazing memories.

Constantin Alexander

Hakkasan Group US

The Busby trip has been a fantastic experience. This is the first opportunity I’ve had visiting Australia  and my conception of Australian wines have really changed. I’ll spread the word of what’s going on down under.

Fredrik Lindfors

Grand Hotel. Stockholm

It’s a trip, but what is left in the memory is more than a mere trip. Meeting flagship wineries, talking with artisan producers, travelling south as far as Tasmania, as far west as Great Southern, make the journey fulfilling, and showcase the diversity of styles, the breadth of varieties and terroirs. The trip stops, but memory does not….Awesome! 

Adrian Zhang

Park Hyatt, Shanghai

News flash! Hardcore Euro-wine fanatic becomes an impassioned and enthusiastic advocate of contemporary Australian wine!!! Just like the sharks swimming off shore, Australian wine continues to move forward relentlessly, with amazing visits, tastings and encounters with some of Australia’s best winemakers. 

Richard Harvey

Metrovino, Calgary

The James Busby tour is the most organised, comprehensive and educational immersion trip that any of us have ever been on. The experience has given us the knowledge, insight and the capacity to sell Australia wine to an unforeseen level 

Brad Royale

Rocky Mountain Resorts, Calgary

Representing Northern California it would be natural to “write off” Australia as something not really vital to a regional wine program in my stores. Years of friendship with Tim and faith in his palate prevented me from making that mistake entirely, but, I am so happy to have experienced for myself what is happening in Australia’s many diverse wine regions.  

Melanie Mann

Wholefoods Market, US

There are wine tours and there are WINE TOURS! This is a strategic “deep dive” into the forces that are shaping Australian wine past, present and future, young, old, traditional and avant garde.  It is an experience beyond description. It turns out that I didn’t really understand anything I thought I knew about these regions. 

Erik Segelbaum

Starr Restaurants

In fifteen years in the wine business nothing else has come close – this is the pinnacle of wine tours for trade professionals. There cannot be any substitute for the level of access Tim can achieve with producers from all over Australia and there really is no practical way to cover so much ground in a production scene as dynamic and evolving as Australia. 

Christopher Sherwood

Bottle Apostle, London

A pretty amazing journey. Sure I knew that things were moving and shaking in Australia, but what I experienced during these two weeks, far exceeded everything I expected. I have never felt so welcomed ever visiting wineries, everyone took you in, in a very honest and ”hands down” way. May it never change!

Sören Polonius

Adam/Albin Group, Stockholm

The James Busby Trip 2017 was an amazing experience. The diversity of wine regions and wine producers that we visited has given me a great and detailed insight into the Australian wine industry. 

Claudia Masüger

CHEERS, Beijing

From the first night in Melbourne before the tour started, to my last night I can honestly say that the myriad of high quality producers, insane views, and staggering history presented to us was impossible to not be impressed by, and certainly will rank as one of the most meaningful wine tours of my career. 

Andrew Stewart

Vino al Vino Imports, Calgary

These two weeks have completely reinvigorated my view of the Australian wine industry. The innovation, the diversity, the history, the approach to food and wine, the freshness all speak to an industry re-defining itself and its deserved place among the great wine nations of the world.

Dave Smith

Everything Wine, Calgary

Before the trip I thought I already have a good understanding of Australian wines. After spending 14 days in the vineyards and speaking to the producers, I was completely freaked out because I know so little and the producers work so hard to keep thinking everyday how to make better wines!

Ben Cheung

Watsons, Hong Kong

A journey to a country we think is so far away….What an amazing trip, a great learning curve and an eye opening for me on the dynamic, passion and energy of the wine producers we met. From seeing some of the oldest vines in the world to meeting the new wave of producers.

Laure Patry

Social Bar & Tapas, London

I saw the legacy, the evolvement, the ambition, the passion and dedication. Their wines have impressed my palate, but the producers themselves have won my heart!

Young Shi

This experience has motivated me to take on an ambassador role for the amazing things that Australia has to offer 

Mary Thompson

Rustic Canton Group, Los Angeles

What a eyes opening! I’m not leaving with beautiful pictures, but with ideas, contacts, and will be one of the ambassadors of modern Australian wine.

David Vareille

The Arts Club, London

Great trip! From the way-down-to-earthy guys to the more established operators. Without doubt the best wine trip I’ve ever been on.”

Brett Woonton

Vinoteca, London

Changed my mind about a country’s wines. Whole experience was tons of learning and fun! Felt unique, tailored and very special trip, I’m now an ambassador for Oz wine.

Christine Holzier

The Sampler, London

Extremely well organized and diverse tripe with highlights upon highlights upon highlights… An amazing introduction to the contemporary wine scene in Australia with almost unbelievable enthusiastic and knowledgeable guiding.

Thomas Ilkjaer

Journalist, Denmark

By far the best wine trip I have ever been on. Perfect balance and diversity of wine, producers and regions. My only regret is that I can’t do this trip every year

Jesse Willis

VineArts, Calgary

This experience opened my eyes to some of the hidden gems in Australian wine. Exploring the well known and the relatively unknown aspects of Australian wine

Harley Carberry

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The Busby trip showed an even more exciting scene than I’d imagined

Gabriel Stone

The Drinks Business, UK

Unforgettable – for all the right reasons. The Busby trip still defines how I think about Australian wine.

Richard Hemming MW

“Great overview of traditional Australia alongside the contemporary movements. James Busby Travel tells us how good Australian wines are and how good they will be in the future”

Ian Dai

You Meng / Ferment-Tation Imports, Shanghai

By far the most in depth wine tour for professionals trying to understand what’s really going on in Australia

Jesse Rodriguez

Kaizen Wine Group, US

The network you get during the trip, both from your bus-buddies and from the wineries, are outstanding. Simply said, the best wine trip in my life!

Maya Samuelsson

Scandinavian Wine Academy, Stockholm

A memorable eye opener to the vast potential of the new Australia with a good dash of the best of the classics, all elegantly intertwined with a dose of Aussie culture

Andreas Larsson

PM & Vänner, Växjö

The most instructive, eye-opening and enjoyable wine journey I’ve ever taken. Enough variety to keep a very worldly group engaged for a marathon 14 days.

Sarah Heller MW

Heller Beverage Advisory, Hong Kong